Contact center best practices by Robert C. Davis and Associates: Characteristics of a world-class huddle

A four-part series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Two months ago on a visit to a new client’s contact center, I observed supervisors doing 15-minute pre-shift huddles and was less than impressed with what they delivered. Since then, we have rolled out a robust huddle process. It’s made a world of difference! In my observation of the new process in place, agents are standing and participating, their morale is up, they are engaged, and people are actually volunteering to demonstrate skills practiced in group skill transfer. After the most recent huddle, I asked the supervisors for their thoughts, and they lit up like a light bulb to tell me their team has improved in every KPI.

Running an effective team huddle is a critical skill to require of supervisors. Depending on your site schedule, the huddle may be once per week for 15 minutes or once per day per for 15 minutes. No matter the frequency, each of these huddles should be delivered in a world-class way.

Too many times, we encounter agents who think the huddles are a waste of time and sometimes leave them feeling demotivated. However, if delivered with excellence, the huddle is a tremendous opportunity for supervisors to focus the team, build each agent’s self-confidence, and conduct training. You can turn huddles into productive time if you understand how to prepare for, facilitate and sequence the events in the huddle.

Characteristics of a world-class huddle:

  • Focused on productive issues
  • Suitable level of representative involvement
  • Upbeat and motivating tone
  • Clear action steps identified
  • Tangents and own agendas effectively handled
  • Time limits observed
  • Must have a written agenda

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A four-part series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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