Contact center side-by-side coaching by Robert C. Davis and Associates: Achieving superior results

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates 

The contact center side-by-side coaching model by Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) delivers superior results through identifying behaviors and driving improvement through the skill transfer process. Whether you are trying to improve customer acquisition or retention, customer experience (CSAT/NPS) or other KPIs, there is nothing more important than a commitment to coaching and a set of robust coaching tactics. 

To make it easy and cost effective to implement effective side-by-side coaching, RCDA offers an intensive two-day onsite course, “Side-by-Side Coaching and Development Basics.”  

The course addresses observing agents during live calls to ensure adherence to best practices, providing guidance and encouragement in real time to meet goals (CSAT/NPS, sales and customer retention), building positive attitude, and reducing agent attrition. 

Regularly scheduled side-by-side coaching sessions are the cornerstone for performance management. During a side-by-side coaching session, the leader observes a call or case work, identifies strengths and opportunities, and works with the agent to develop an action plan. The leader encourages accountability by having agents elaborate on what they will do differently to improve the identified area of development. The leader and agent work together in subsequent coaching sessions toward behavioral proficiency.

Here’s a link to complete information on this course and others in “The Contact Center Customer Experience: A Series of Two-Day Courses” by RCDA:

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