Contact center side-by-side coaching by Robert C. Davis and Associates – best practices

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) is often hired by clients to work in their vendor partner sites to bring best practices to bear. I recently had the good fortune to work with a top-performing supervisor in one of those sites. Not only did the supervisor have the lowest attrition rate in the company, she was also ranked best in all of the company’s KPIs. When I asked her how she did it, it was apparent from her answers that she spends most of her day working side-by-side with team members helping them improve their call-handling skills.

RCDA’s side-by-side contact center coaching model requires leaders to spend at least 50% of their time coaching and developing team members. This includes preparing for and delivering monthly performance reviews (MPRs), team huddles and side-by-side coaching. It lets leaders know whether or not their team members can do what they are being asked to do. Any skill issues will come out in side-by-side coaching, because the team members try to do their best while their leader is sitting with them.

Side-by-side coaching is a critical tool in the development of team members, and every leader should be an expert in their ability to identify behaviors detracting from goal attainment and the ability to coach to success.

The side-by-side should be planned for, prepared for and delivered with excellence. Every team member should receive at least one side-by-side per week, with low performers often receiving more than one per week.

The key ingredient of side-by-side coaching is skill transfer. Our contact center skill transfer model incorporates five steps:

1.         Explain.

2.         Demonstrate.

3.         Practice with Coaching.

4.         Observe.

5.         Feedback.

To learn more about skill transfer, see our series of blog posts on the subject.

We also offer intensive two-day courses on side-by-side coaching and other tactics.

Over the coming days, we will publish more information about RCDA’s contact center side-by-side coaching model. 

If you want get ahead of your competition, let’s set up a call to talk about our proven side-by-side coaching model and how it can be of high value to your contact center operation.

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