The contact center monthly performance review by Robert C. Davis and Associates: Setting up your team for success

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Recently, I received a phone call from a supervisor at one of our clients. When we started working with this client six months ago, they didn’t have a robust monthly performance review (MPR) process in place. We worked with leadership, developed an MPR process, and launched it 30 days later. When we started, the supervisor who called me was adamant that the process wouldn’t drive results and would be a waste of time. I encouraged him to try it, and low and behold, he has embraced it and is now the number-one supervisor in the entire organization.

In the contact center, there are five primary reasons team members do not generate acceptable results.

  1. They don’t know or understand company priorities.
  2. They don’t have the required skills.
  3. They have the skills but lack one or more of the following: Commitment, will, work ethic, attitude and motivation.
  4. They lack tools and resources to do the job.
  5. Their supervisor’s goals and expectations are unattainable.

The MPR can help you overcome these five primary reasons and ensure team members generate results exceeding expectations. It is a very important tool, because you can use it to motivate, inspire, focus, problem-solve and goal-set, all in one brief five-step meeting.

  • Step 1 – Rapport
  • Step 2 – Discovery
  • Step 3 – Solution/Game Plan
  • Step 4 – Summary/Commitment
  • Step 5 – Encouragement

But before we get into describing each step of the MPR in detail and outlining how our process at Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) is differentiated, we need to agree to one very basic premise.

If you have agreed to an MPR process, this means every team member should receive feedback every month of the year. This is a non-negotiable commitment. If you want to set your team members and company up for success, leaders delivering the MPRs will be committed to the process and deliver world-class reviews for every team member month in and month out. Leaders will deliver MPRs in a timely manner, with a commitment to conduct them by the end of the first full business week every month.

We will soon publish more information about contact center MPRs. 

In the meantime, to learn more about them right away and how they can be of high value to your operation, we’re available. Let’s have a call to get the conversation started.

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