Contact center coaching and development: Plan it, schedule it, do it!

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

In the contact center, we expect our most important resources to follow a schedule, and we measure their schedule adherence. Start at 8am, go to break from 10-10:15am, go to lunch from 12-12:45pm, attend training from 2-3 pm, go to break from 3-3:15pm, and go home at 4:45pm. And when you are scheduled to handle customer interactions, make sure you are available!

Contact center supervisors who are responsible for 10, 15, 20 or more people are entrusted with ensuring team members understand their schedules and meet their schedule adherence goals. More importantly, they are entrusted with coaching and developing each team member to achieve and exceed stated goals, both personal and company!

So what about the supervisor’s schedule? Do they apply the same principles to their day as they hold their team members to? Or to they take a laissez faire approach?

At Robert C. Davis and Associates (, we have found that the most successful organizations help their supervisors plan it, schedule it and do it! And your most successful supervisors are those who have the best adherence to the plan.

We have developed a process to help organizations get organized with their coaching and development regimen. When they follow the plan, the lift in performance is truly amazing. 

Want to learn more? Contact us, and let’s start 2020 off with a winning plan for your team!

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