If not now, when? Why it’s time to bring contact center coaching into the comfort zone

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

When it comes to coaching team members, we’ve seen contact center leaders reprioritize it and push it off until tomorrow, especially if coaching is not in their comfort zone. At our consultancy Robert C. Davis and Associates (http://robertcdavis.net), we’ve observed that it’s not because they find coaching unimportant. It’s because they’re uncomfortable with it. But now is the time to bring it into the comfort zone, because doing so reduces employee attrition and wins big rewards in sales, retention, customer service and customer experience results. If not now, when would you like to achieve these gains?

Coaching and developing team members should always be a priority. It should be something the coach and person being coached look forward to as a regular, effective activity that builds relationships, improves morale and helps achieve critical goals. Contact center organizations should consider coaching non-negotiable – a function that is planned, gets completed on time, and is done with excellence.

At Robert C. Davis and Associates, we pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver world-class coaching and development activities in the contact center by focusing on making leaders comfortable with coaching, something they look forward to doing daily. Because everyone involved sees the positive results.

Let’s have a call to talk about taking your coaching and development of team members to a higher level, and how this will have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

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