Consistent coaching is the key to contact center success

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

One of the most fascinating insights we gain from roundtables and one-on-one interviews with supervisors and agents is from the disparity in what supervisors say they are doing versus what the agents report the supervisors are doing. Supervisors will often tell us they are conducting coaching activities with their team members weekly, yet many of the team members will report they haven’t been coached in weeks, or sometimes even months.

At Robert C. Davis and Associates (, we believe coaching consistently is the key to success. Your top, middle and low performers all need consistent coaching.

To make sure this happens, not only do we help supervisors become world-class coaches, we also help them build a coaching plan and then observe their coaching activities to “coach the coach.” 

Does your contact center organization lack a consistent coaching model?  Let’s set up a call and discuss how we can help. (Brad Baumunk,, 512-695-2511)