Making the difference between good and great in contact centers

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Jim Collins wrote the best-selling book Good to Great, and we see good daily in our clients’ contact centers. Many of the people we encounter in our contact center work are good but not disciplined and consistent enough to be great.

Every day, our contact center consultants focus on adherence to processes and procedures to drive the type of performance necessary to differentiate individuals, teams and organizations. In some cases, we are supporting the client’s existing plan. In others, we are implementing a modified plan or building a new plan from the ground up.

The key to our success is the dedication of our contact center consultants. When they are engaged with our clients, they have one goal and no distractions. That is, moving team members from good to great!

At Robert C. Davis and Associates (, we help our clients move from good to great across the board in their contact centers. Let’s schedule a call today to talk about how we can do the same for you!

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