To be or not to be world-class

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Creating a world-class customer experience has been a top focus in contact centers for many years. While companies state this as a goal, few can truly claim a world-class customer experience or significantly differentiate themselves from competitors in their own industry. 

“To be, or not to be? That is the question,” said Hamlet in his soliloquy. It is an apt question to ask – and answer in the affirmative when it comes to being world-class in the contact center. But once you answer in the affirmative, it is critical to make a non-negotiable commitment, not just state it.

Three common factors negatively impact the customer experience.

  • Poorly designed systems
  • Dated policies and processes
  • People who are not empowered to make critical decisions

The customer doesn’t care about your old, slow systems, and they aren’t interested in your policies. They want the person who answers the phone to handle the situation and not make excuses. They don’t want to hear, “I’m sorry, my system is slow,” or “Our policy states…,” or “I can’t make that decision…”

So obviously, it is important to fix problems in your systems, policies and procedures. But the true difference between being world-class or not comes from having people on the phones who are enthusiastic and have a can-do attitude – and leaders from the highest level down who live and breathe CX.

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