How we helped a client exceed a monthly sales goal by $200,000+

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Whether you take 500 or 5,000 calls per day in your contact center, each and every interaction should be considered an opportunity to sell. Of course, prospects calling into your sales queue are sales calls. But are you maximizing sales results on every call by attempting to sell additional products and services across the board? In your customer care queue, you have ideal opportunities to review customer accounts and determine if additional products or services should be offered.

Robert C. Davis and Associates ( recently engaged with a client selling association members dental and vision insurance. The client had missed the premium goals each month from January through May 2019. We determined agents were missing opportunities:

  • Customer Service – Members who called in and had only one product did not receive offers for the other product.
  • Sales – When a member called and asked about one product, the sales agents weren’t pitching the other product.

In our training and coaching programs, Robert C. Davis and Associates uses its exclusive Quality Conversation methodology ( By building Quality Conversation call flows focused on multi-product sales and cross-selling in customer service, our client far exceeded their goal for July 2019. The goal was $740K, and they hit $968K.

Want to improve your sales like this? Let’s set up a call and discuss how Robert C. Davis and Associates’ Quality Conversation methodology can make it happen.