How much profit are you missing?

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

How many customers call your business every day who have the potential to do much more business with you than they are currently doing, but you don’t discover that potential? This was the situation with a current client. Companies that had the potential to spend millions of dollars per year were calling in one time to place one order for a few hundred dollars. We asked, how do you identify those with high potential versus those from whom a few hundred dollars is the maximum you can expect?

For this client, the answer was Robert C. Davis and Associates’ exclusive Quality Conversation methodology ( We taught our client’s agents how to have Quality Conversations, and to ask a few qualifying questions to see if the caller had “key account potential.”  

Over 10 percent of the callers had key account potential. These key accounts were then assigned to account managers, and already, and the account manager team has grown from 0 to seven, and we believe it will keep growing. Each new account manager is bringing in over $100,000 a month in profits to the company – $700,000 per month in profits that weren’t there before we started identifying key accounts and having the account managers make outbound calls to them. 

What about you? How much profit potential are you missing that you can start bringing in right away? Let’s have a Quality Conversation of our own to find out.