Robert C. Davis and Associates partners with TouchPoint One to drive high ROI in contact center performance improvement efforts

Press Release

Contact center consulting, training and coaching change agent and leading cloud employee engagement and performance management platform vendor unite to help organizations boost workforce effectiveness and business results

ROSWELL, Ga. – November 12, 2018 – Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) has announced a new partnership with TouchPoint One, a company that delivers best-in-class enterprise performance management solutions to the contact center industry that exceed their clients’ return on investment (ROI) and service delivery expectations.

Together, RCDA and TouchPoint One are committed to working with clients to help them become more competitive, effective and efficient at the contact center level.

TouchPoint One’s Acuity platform makes it all possible. Acuity provides every contact center stakeholder from frontline agent to HR, finance, operations, and C-level leadership on-demand access to real-time performance intelligence as well as tools for continuous employee feedback, coaching, QA and some of the most innovative and effective gamification solutions available. Acuity is designed to help organizations, especially those with large, complex and dynamic contact center operations, to transform organizational culture and more effectively develop, engage and fulfill employees.

RCDA, a contact center consulting, training and coaching consultancy, works with contact center supervisors to help them become competent coaches and experts in demonstrating best practices and processes including RCDA’s exclusive Quality Conversation methodology. They also work with company leadership to develop their training and coaching programs, provide leadership development, and train and coach frontline personnel.

“The Quality Conversation is a meaningful and mutually rewarding dialog that occurs when a person takes and clearly conveys a genuine interest in another individual’s wants, interests and needs,” said Bob Davis, founder and CEO of RCDA. “It goes beyond building rapport to make an emotional connection and establish real trust. Practicing The Quality Conversation with authenticity and proper skills shows others that you truly care and are genuinely interested in them.”

Before supervisors can coach mastery, RCDA helps them become masters themselves. Delivering far more than just training classes and practice sessions for the customer contact center, RCDA’s expert consultants get out on the floor with teams in real time and coach them one-on-one until they achieve sustainable skill transfer. They build winning teams, whether working from scratch with newly hired personnel or transforming existing teams.

“Partnering with Touchpoint One is a natural fit for us,” said Davis. “We add value immediately to the Acuity solution through our Quality Conversation methodology, allowing us to build our coaching tactics into the solution. It is one thing to have data. Using that data to drive behavioral change through coaching and development creates the perfect combination for our companies,” he said.

“RCDA and TouchPoint One are uniquely aligned in mission, strategy and commitment to help contact centers become more efficient, effective and productive in an increasingly challenging business landscape,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Independently, both organizations have delivered strong and sustainable ROI across customer, employee and business dimensions, and we are thrilled about the opportunity to amplify these results through partnership with RCDA.”

About RCDA

Founded by Bob Davis in 1977 and based in metro Atlanta, Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) helps organizations across North America add millions of dollars to their bottom-line results through its training, coaching and consulting programs based on its exclusive Quality Conversation approach to sales, retention and the customer experience. The approach includes robust, customized call flows that lead agents through five steps (greeting, discovery, solution, offer and an assumptive close) that address customer wants, interests and needs; establish emotional connections with customers; and show genuine interest.

About TouchPoint One

Based in Indianapolis, TouchPoint One is the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centers. The Company’s Acuity product is a full-featured contact center performance management platform that enables improved decision making, talent development, and process execution at every operational level. TouchPoint One customer contact solutions deliver the rich benefits of gamification, balanced scorecards, employee dashboards and advanced performance management through innovative design and complete, functional alignment with business processes and strategies.

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