Optimum CX: Strike the right balance of AI and other new contact center solutions and investing in the human interaction

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO

Think about your last experience calling a customer care line. Were you able to solve your issue using an automated system without human interaction? Today we read a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) and other new solutions in the contact center marketplace that providers claim will help improve the customer experience (CX). Clearly, if implemented with excellence, these solutions can resolve many issues without human interaction. Typically, however, these interactions are low on the complexity scale, leaving more complex issues to be handled by humans. So let’s talk more about how contact centers need to strike the right balance with their investment in the human side of the equation.

If you opted for an agent in your last experience, did you enter information into the automated system only to have the agent ask you for all the information again? Was your call transferred to another department, and did you have to verify your account information for a third time? Did you have to wait longer than expected? Was the agent enthusiastic? Did the agent seem genuinely interested in you? Was the agent actively listening, or did you have to repeat yourself multiple times?

When customers call, it is essential for contact centers to have an effective workforce management (WFM) plan and meet service level goals. Team members must understand the importance of active listening skills and the importance of providing a world-class CX for every customer on every call. Leadership must validate routing solutions to get the right call to the right person to reduce transfers.

Investing in AI and other solutions is essential for contact centers, but investing in supervisors and agents is also critical to executing contact center fundamentals and delivering a world-class CX.

At Robert C. Davis and Associates, we study the behaviors of our clients’ team members to uncover the strategies and human relation skills which will drive desired outcomes including improved CX, customer acquisition and retention.

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