Improving CX (and Other Desired Results): The Quality Conversation Imperative

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

What differentiates you from your competition? In today’s world, your customer experience (or CX) matters more than ever.

In your contact center, the CX starts as soon as callers dial your number and get in to your system. Is it easy to navigate? When they need or want to speak with a live person, can they connect with someone who is skilled to help? If the telephony solution collects information from them, does the system pass along the information, and does the agent use it effectively? And after a live person says “Hello, thank you for calling…,” what happens?

Is the greeting warm and enthusiastic? Does the agent take time to discover the true reason for the call? Based on discovery (in a sales environment), does the agent present the right solution with a compelling offer and assumptive close?

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA – uses an exclusive methodology we call The Quality Conversation. The Quality Conversation is a meaningful and mutually rewarding dialog that occurs when a person takes and clearly conveys a genuine interest in another individual’s wants, interests and needs (WINs). It goes beyond building rapport to make an emotional connection and establish real trust. Practicing The Quality Conversation with authenticity and proper skills shows others that you truly care and are genuinely interested in them.

Winning Call Flow: The Quality Conversation

The Quality Conversation robust call flow includes a warm and enthusiastic greeting, full discovery, a solution based on WINs, a compelling offer, a process for overcoming objections, and an assumptive close. And it’s imperative, now more than ever.

At RCDA, we have experts on our team who can evaluate your call flow to ensure you are set up to achieve your desired CX results and your goals for customer acquisition, customer retention, and sales including cross-selling and upselling.

Contact RCDA today, and let’s have a Quality Conversation of our own about how we can help you reach and exceed your goals across every KPI.