Training contact center supervisors around the internal CX is key to reducing agent attrition in tightening labor markets

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO

As the labor market continues to heat up, the impact of attrition in the contact center will only get worse. People who took jobs in the contact center often took the job because they couldn’t find the appropriate job in their field of choice.

In May 2018, the unemployment rate (U3) hit 3.8% before ticking up to 4.0% in June because more people are entering the job market ( More importantly, the “real” unemployment rate (U6) continues to drop and is now 7.6%, the lowest since 2001 (

While more people are entering the workforce, more people are also looking for jobs in the field of choice. Employers have two choices:

  1. Work smarter to keep their current employees.
  2. Hire people re-entering the job force and provide the necessary training.

And it will become even more important to provide the right training for your front-line leaders (supervisors) to ensure they are creating the right atmosphere for their team members and have the skills necessary to develop future leaders.


A remarkable find

Can you imagine a major contact center here in the US where the average agent tenure is 6.5 years and agent turnover is less then 15% per year?

We couldn’t believe it until we found such a contact center recently.

RCDA founder and CEO Bob Davis recently interviewed the CEO and VP of their contact center and they confirmed our observations. It isn’t due to pay or the workspace, as there is a contact center just down the road that pays more, is always hiring and has a nicer facility.

So what is the secret to their success? It’s the way their supervisors treat their agents, and the way they execute a set of proven coaching tactics, that delivered these results.


Dramatic improvement driven by supervisor training and the internal CX

We believe your contact centers could enjoy a dramatic improvement in agent retention. The key is supervisor training – training that will create a trust-based environment by focusing on coaching and development of the team. It is the kind of CX your company is trying to create for your customers but is focused on your internal customers (your employees).

For more information about how to make all of this happen, contact Robert C. Davis and Associates.