Here are four ways to improve ROI in your marketing budget by considering contact center operations

Hand-Rich-174By Rich Hand, RCDA Consultant

Marketing professionals spend countless hours creating campaigns designed to drive customers to their contact centers. They design these efforts to bring in revenue by enticing customers with special offers. Organizations expect that the agents taking these calls will not only sell the product or service marketed, but they will also upsell, cross-sell and create an excellent customer experience.

Here are four ways your organization can ensure the success of your marketing campaign by integrating it with contact center operations.

1. Planning

It is important for marketing professionals to include the operations teams in the planning of the campaign. The contact center can often provide great insights that can improve the effectiveness of any campaign. Understanding what customers ask for on calls could be useful information for the marketing team in developing their offers.

When organizations are planning the ROI of a campaign, contact center operations teams can give insight to the expected revenue. It is easy to set the revenue expectations too high if the call center is not fully prepared for the incoming calls and the offers that have been communicated to the customer. Putting the right plan in place with realistic expectations will make better use of your marketing budget.

2. Communication

This may seem obvious, but all too often the operations team in the contact center does not get fully briefed about the campaign or the goals expected for each agent. If the operations team is included in the planning stage of the campaign, the campaign’s success is more likely.

Communicating to the operations floor goes beyond just simply making them part of campaign planning. It is critical to brief supervisors on how to get agents excited about the upcoming campaign and convey “what’s in it for me” (WIFM). Marketing should have a plan for driving performance and agent behavior through incentives.

As part of any successful marketing effort, setting an incentive budget for the operations teams creates the necessary excitement around the offer and improves the campaign’s ROI. But to reach the incentives, agents must receive the right coaching to be successful at converting campaign dollars into real revenue.

3. Coaching

In an effective contact center, operations managers, supervisors and team leads should spend at least 50% of their time coaching agents. When marketing is about to spend major money on a marketing campaign, doesn’t it make sense to align on-the-floor coaching with the campaign? If the marketing team wants to drive the highest potential for success, coaching the agents on the best way to handle the customers reacting to the campaign must be part of the program.

4. Support

Ensuring your marketing team understands and can work side by side with contact center operations is an effective way to ensure the budget dollars spent translate to revenue.

At RCDA we have played critical roles in these types of campaigns. When operations focus on agent behaviors that are most effective to convert calls to sales, marketing campaign ROI improves significantly. The dollars often spent to drive customers into the contact center can quickly become a disappointment if agents are not prepared to convert calls into sales.

In our experience, when organizations spend millions of dollars per year on marketing campaigns, the money can quickly be flushed down the proverbial toilet if the contact center is not prepared to handle the customer calls.

The most effective call centers have process in place to continually improve the ROI in generating the incoming calls. It makes sense to put a plan into place to be prepared for the next marketing campaign your organization creates. Running contact centers is a team sport. We wish you success in your next campaign.

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