Be part of the contact center transformation: Customer interactions analytics-driven quality assurance

clark-edward-174By Edward Clark, RCDA Senior Consultant (Principal Speech Analytics Consultant)

There’s an evolution in quality assurance which started several years ago. It started with a few questions like the ones below:

• How can the frontline utilize the unused recorded calls?

• Could the insights be formatted for ease of access and use?

• Can the data be used to improve NPS?

• How can we use the data to improve new customer acquisition or upselling?

• If used effectively could quality assurance have more of an impact on the bottom-line?


When it comes to quality assurance, we are asked to do more with less, year over year. A speech-driven QA approach will eliminate human bias/emotion from your quality assurance evaluations and enable you to generate up to 50 times the amount of agent evaluations! Let’s face it – each and every QA advisor does it a slight different way, each and every time. Why not evolve your QA organization so you can spend less time on creating evaluations and more time optimizing your front-line human capital resources. Repurpose that time with value-added activities to improve NPS and revenue generating upselling and cross selling, not evaluations you can’t quantify are adding value.


A speech-driven approach can make quality assurance a powerful operational effectiveness tool. With this new approach, performance modeling can now take place connecting metadata to see insights and correlations into the customer journey. However, bringing this new paradigm to your quality assurance organization, and more importantly to your frontline operations teams, requires retooling, rethinking and incorporating it into the cultural fabric of your front-line operations activities.

The existence of quality assurance is critical to ensuring your company remains relevant and responsive in the eyes of your customers. After all, in the end, quality assurance is only as valuable as the impact it has on customer outcomes. A speech-driven quality approach can quickly expose your organizational strengths and weaknesses in satisfying customers’ needs though improved agent Quality Conversations, streamlining unfriendly company processes, and rectifying product & technology issues.

Well, the answer is here!

Robert C. Davis and Associates’ Customer Interactions Analytics Quality Assurance Group is a specialized operational effectiveness consultancy that optimizes unique speech analytics capabilities.

Our proven strategy and tactics:

  • Improve the customer experience measured by NPS.
  • Increase new customer acquisition.
  • Decrease customer churn by identifying and removing barriers.
  • Increase upstream revenue of products and services.
  • Reduce expense out of the business through process innovations.

Powered by employee engagement, we create exceptional customer experience environments that increase cost efficiencies! We create front-line coaching and development levers through our innovative change management model that fuels people, process and technology transformations!

If you are ready to reach the next evolutionary level with your quality assurance organization and transform them into an operational effectiveness organization, the future is here. Customer Interactions Analytics Quality Assurance will be the new standard and measure of success in the next three to five years. To get on the cutting edge, please reach out to Robert C. Davis and Associates seasoned speech optimization executives today!

To learn more about RCDA and customized Customer Interactions Analytics Quality Assurance programs please contact Robert C. Davis and Associates today!