Drive results through a disciplined floor management and coaching strategy

Egan-Vicky-174-4By Vicky Egan, RCDA Senior Consultant

“I don’t have time to coach…”

“We’re too busy to take agents off the floor for coaching…”

“I spend most of my time in meetings and doing administrative tasks…”

Contact center managers probably hear these common excuses when asking supervisors why they do not coach their agents. But what could be more important than coaching and developing agents? The answer is NOTHING!

Frequent and consistent coaching of frontline agents is critical to the success of your call center business. Behavioral change drives the customer experience, sales performance and KPI improvement. Behaviors cannot change without a disciplined floor management and coaching strategy.

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) helps contact center managers implement, execute and sustain a disciplined floor management and coaching strategy that gets results. Our approach allows supervisors and team leaders to spend at least 60%-75% of their day doing what is most important: coaching and developing agents.

floor-mgmt-collateral-document-pg-1RCDA’s approach uses four different coaching and floor management tactics: Week-in-the-life-of scheduling, team huddles, quick laps and side-by-side meetings.

Floor Management and Coaching Tactics

By implementing the four floor management and coaching tactics, your contact center will have the tools to deliver frequent coaching sessions and drive the behavioral change necessary to impact your key performance metrics.

WEEK IN THE LIFE OF (WILO): A floor management schedule used to pre-plan all agent development sessions, team huddles, just-in-time floor coaching and administrative tasks.

SIDE-BY-SIDES: Weekly, 30 minute meetings with agents to follow up on commitments, conduct skills transfer and drive accountability.

QUICK LAPS: Real-time coaching conducted on-the-fly while floor walking with a purpose.

TEAM HUDDLES: 15-30 minute motivational stand up meetings focusing on key metrics and behavioral change through team skill transfer.



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