How we turn around performance for clients that outsource customer contact

RCDA OnSite Driving desired results in outsourced contact centers

By Brad Baumunk, RCDA Senior Consultant

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA)—through a service we call RCDA OnSite—specializes in turning around low-performing outsourced contact center operations by building and delivering accountability models and by driving adherence to models prescribed by our clients.

Accountability models

A recent engagement with an outsource partner providing inbound sales call handling for a Fortune 500 entertainment provider not only achieved significant improvements in KPI achievement, but also ultimately saved the book of business.

The client engaged RCDA after they gave the outsource partner a 45-day notice to turn performance around or lose the work. After a two-day assessment that included observation and interviews of key leadership and agents, RCDA submitted a proposal to create a tailored leadership plan to:

  • Enhance coaching and development at the director, operations manager and team manager levels.
  • Implement a floor support model and pre-shift huddle process.

The results include moving the outsource partner’s performance from 13th place of 13 outsourced sites (as measured on the client-weighted scorecard) to first place in 30 days. Not only did the site move from 13th to first, but also the outsource partner retained our client’s business. RCDA built a model to create long-term sustainability through a check-and-balance approach that engages every level of leadership in the process. The site has consistently performed in the top five since implementation.

Adherence to client-prescribed models

For the past 12 months, RCDA has supported a client in the rollout of a prescribed leadership model to 15 inbound sales contact centers managed for our client by four outsource partners.

The plan started with a leadership accountability model and planned contact center activities by hour of the day to ensure:

  • Proper floor coverage.
  • Proper coaching activities.
  • Performance management activities that meet expectations and drive commitment to KPIs.

The goal of the program is to ensure a consistent experience for all inbound callers through agent coaching and development. The client hired RCDA to coach contact center operations managers and team managers to compliance and to specifically identify and develop agents who are outliers in specific KPIs such as voice of the customer (VOC), close rate and work order completion (to name a few).

We have accomplished the development through an observation and feedback model that involves the operations manager and team manager to ensure that skills are transferred and sustainable. The model has delivered significant results:

  • 50-percent reduction in calls to support
  • Increase in net subs by 7,200, generating $10.8 million in revenue
  • Four-percent improvement in NPS
  • Three-point improvement in VOC

Adherence to the process at many outsource partners can be challenging without the proper coaching and guidance. The RCDA OnSite model works exceptionally well, and we are second to none when it comes to accountability.

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