We like a bloody nose!

In a customer contact center, effectively leading a diverse workforce across multiple shifts with a high level of enthusiasm can be extremely challenging, but it is rewarding at the same time.  Challenges to overcome range from optimum scheduling to the type of calls being handled, service versus sales, and more.

Contact center schedules run the gamut when it comes to hours and days off.  One employee can start at 5:15am with Monday and Saturday off. Another employee can start at 5:15pm with Sunday and Tuesday off. Simply stated, we create these schedules to align people with call volume. Often, however, the schedules don’t align people with their personal needs.  As a result, people come to work at the designated time with an attitude that simply showing up is enough.

Additionally, the type of work doesn’t always align with employees’ expectations. They show up for work and say things like, “You hired me for customer service. I am not doing sales.”

A key factor in driving customer experience and net promoter score is engaging your customer with enthusiasm. Just showing up to work isn’t going to cut it.   

I was on a call recently with Bob Davis, president of Robert C. Davis and Associates, to review our service offering with two executives from a Fortune 50 communications company.  The topic was RCDA’s unique value proposition, and the following question came back at us. “How does RCDA win the hearts and minds of supervisors and agents?” The simple answer is that we do it with enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is contagious. But it was what Bob said next that really stuck with me.

He said, “We like a bloody nose! Send us to your most challenging contact center, and give us your most challenging team. We will show you the results.”

A new attitude

From the second we start working with you, we bring a level of enthusiasm that is second to none, and it catches on like wildfire. Customer contact center agents and supervisors who have received training and coaching from RCDA have a new, productively positive attitude. We often work with small teams within a customer contact center on a pilot basis, and then roll it out enterprise wide. Other supervisors and agents who haven’t yet received the coaching and training see the change and say, “I want what they have!”

At Robert C. Davis and Associates, we employ an exclusive approach we call the Quality Conversation to better equip customer contact center employees to perform with a high level of enthusiasm and confidence. For more than 30 years, we have gained experience training and coaching them based on principles that are pivotal to business success. Our training makes integral changes to the entire culture of the customer contact center, not simply the scripts your teams are using.

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– Brad Baumunk, Senior Consultant, Robert C. Davis and Associates

brad@robertcdavis.net | 512-695-2511