Blocking and tackling works in the customer contact centers, too

Customer contact center supervisors and agents are a special breed. To be the best, as in football, it all comes down to blocking and tackling. Here are 10 ways you can block and tackle your way to a higher level of success working in today’s customer contact center: 

1. Come to work ready to be a champion.

Life is challenging, and if you bring all of your outside challenges into the customer contact center, they are going to compromise your ability to focus on your performance.  Leave outside challenges at the door. They will be there when your shift is over.

2. Think like a customer, and listen to every word. 

You have talked to hundreds, or in many cases thousands, of customers.  Don’t guess, but listen and anticipate the customer’s needs based on your experience, and tailor your process appropriately.  Of course, if there is a prescriptive call flow, always follow it. Inject your personality whenever it is appropriate.

3. Be ergonomically correct when you are at your workstation.

Your posture comes through to the customer on the phone. Find the right chair and desk position, and sit in an ergonomically correct position that says, “I am in charge and ready to provide world-class service to every customer whom I have the pleasure to serve.”

4. You are the expert.

You have had classroom training and nesting. You have taken hundreds if not thousands of calls. You are the expert, so listen to your customers and use your expertise to ensure that you are providing them with the best experience on every call.

5. Follow the call flow and take control.

You wouldn’t expect to start reading a book on page 100, then go to page one, and then go to page 200, and expect to make any sense of the book. The call flow is designed to help you control the call, gain valuable information and provide a world-class experience. Follow it.

6. Your toolbox should be organized and full of useful tools.

If you were a carpenter, you would not show up for work without your hammer. Most likely, you would have a variety of hammers for use in different situations. Be ready with the right tool that fits the situation.

7. Build value by building rapport.

“How is the weather were you are?” This is not rapport building. To build rapport with customers, use information that is relevant to the call. This connects you to the customers and their wants, interests and needs to create an experience second to none.

8. Don’t give up under pressure.

Giving up your posture can result in giving up the customer experience. Stay ergonomically ready, even if the customer is the most challenging customer in the world. 

9. You can’t change the past, and you can’t predict the future.

The last call does not predict how the rest of the day goes, unless you let it. Learn from the past, and use the information to do better on the next call.

10. Less is more.

Use as few words as possible to get your point across.  More words equate to more opportunities to confuse the customer.

Apply these 10 ways to block and tackle, and you’re certain to be a champion at your customer contact center.

– Brad Baumunk, Senior Consultant, Robert C. Davis and Associates | 512-695-2511