Improving Net Promoter Score with the Quality Conversation

Ever wonder how accurate your customer experience metrics are? How real are the responses when you ask a customer about their experience? What are you even supposed to look for and what does it mean for your business?

Eleven years ago, the business strategist Frederick Reichheld introduced the concept that companies should measure the satisfaction of only the most loyal and enthusiastic consumers, and he called it the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

Responses to the question above fall into three categories:

  • 0-6 — Detractors
  • 7-8 — Passives
  • 9-10 — Promoters

The difference between the percentage of Promoters and the percentage of Detractors is the NPS.

Richheld claims that the NPS is an indicator of a company’s future growth, but that claim is debatable. What’s important about the NPS, however, is its power to give companies real-time snapshots of overall customer experience, satisfaction and agent service.

For call centers handling thousands of transactions a day, the NPS is a powerful metric. Its simplicity (it’s only one question!) means it can be calculated easily, e.g. at the end of a phone call or online chat. Its immediacy means managers can see summaries of activity and results every day, and make decisions based on accurate, real-time data. It’s no wonder that I’ve been seeing more and more business executives using the NPS as a gauge of customer happiness.


How Can Your Call Center Improve its NPS?

Ultimately, it’s not the result of the metric, it’s what you do with it that can really make or break your company’s future.  It’s important to turn those Detractors (0-6) into Promoters by figuring out just what’s turning them off of recommending your company. Follow up and implementation are key.

I’ve developed an exclusive agent training program, called the Quality Conversation, that’s proven to increase call centers’ NPS. To build customer loyalty and increase the number of brand promoters, I believe that the culture of a call center has to change. Through our process, CSRs are equipped to handle just any kind of customer and turn them into a Promoter by making them feel like an important person, not just a number.

growthYour NPS is bound to increase, along with the all-important customer retention, when your call center agents are trained in the Quality Conversation. After my training program, I’ve had agents at DIRECTV call centers tell me, “My retention rate, activation rate, and resolution rate have all improved since I was given the opportunity to be a part of Bob’s team.”

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