Customer Relationships are the Key to Growing Your Business

According to the Customers 2020 Report, the customer’s experience will become a bigger differentiator than price or product by 2020. Data-driven business can only go so far toward your company’s growth if each customer can sense that they are being treated more like a dollar sign than a human being. For your company to see the most growth, the truth is not in numbers alone. If those numbers do not get analyzed properly and are not used to create empathetic connections, then your business may be in grave danger.

Customer Relationships are Key

Recent shifts in technology are changing the role of call centers entirely. With self-service on the rise and the desire for human interaction to perform simple functions declining alongside it, contact centers have become what the CMS Wire calls “Relationship Hubs.” They are places to inspire customer loyalty rather than to deal with individual requests. In doing so, your contact center employees must search for key issues overarching the immediate request at hand. Each interaction should be treated as part of a bigger narrative in which your customer’s entire experience is the most important part of an employee’s day. Most complaints, for example, are truly part of a bigger issue that requires establishing an emotional connection to uncover. Reaching out to the customers, asking questions, and showing empathy can go a long way to making your data on each customer more accurate.

That said, your company has to actually evolve based on the analytics, from call monitoring to surveys, rather than take the data at face value. Use insights about both the customers and your employees to maximize customer satisfaction. For instance, integrating self-service with employee interaction would not only make your employee aware of the automated system that the customer got stuck in (improving efficiency), but it also gives that employee a better grasp on what this customer believes the problem to be. Also, if a customer has specified an issue, take analytics to determine which employees are the best fit for the type of interaction at hand. Availability should not take precedence to overall ability.

Moreover, without constant adaptability, your company will see the same problems over and over again despite the minor tweaks based on data. This means that if your employees are not trained to handle these changes, your technology does not evolve to capture all customer needs. If your employees’ best assets are going unrecognized, then the best data in the world will not be able to help your company. The entire environment has to be open to changes that build customer relationships and improve on utilizing the data received.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Robert C. Davis and Associates, we employ the Quality Conversation to better equip call center employees to form lasting relationships with customers. For over 30 years, we have garnered experience training and coaching call center employees based on principles that are pivotal to business success. Our training makes integral changes to the entire culture of the contact center, not simply the script your employees are working with.

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