How Time Warner Can Make the Most of Its New Regional Call Center in Buffalo

Time Warner to open a 300-seat call center in Buffalo, NY at the former site of the Sheehan Hospital

Time Warner to open a 300-seat call center in Buffalo, NY at the former site of the Sheehan Hospital

Political leaders, business leaders and workers in Western New York have welcomed the news that Time Warner Cable plans to build a new state-of-the-art call center at the former Sheehan Hospital site on the east side of Buffalo, creating 150 new jobs in the process. Now that Time Warner has made the decision to move forward with the new call center—the site will be dedicated to serving customers of Time Warner Cable Business Class—the company has a unique opportunity to make sure it starts off on the right foot.

Agents and supervisors at the new site will be selling and servicing customers who subscribe to commercial-grade service. In an article on, Ken Fitzpatrick, east region president for Time Warner Business Class, was quoted as saying, “Our new facility will allow us to deploy the technology and training necessary to provide great service to our customers across the U.S.”

Time Warner Cable Call Center

“Our new facility will allow us to deploy the technology and training necessary to provide great service to our customers across the U.S.”

A winning approach called The Quality Conversation

In the highly competitive cable market for business, agents will need to be prepared to build rapport with customers, understand their often complex needs for cable that will help them run their businesses better, be able to effectively upsell and cross-sell, and deliver a level of service that boosts sales and customer retention. This requires an approach I call The Quality Conversation, a methodology that I’ve seen drive dramatic growth in sales, customer satisfaction and retention in cable call centers across the U.S.

Here’s more about each step in the Quality Conversation call flow, which in total shows genuine interest in the customer and establishes an emotional connection by conveying empathy and a true desire to help, and leads agents to understand the business customer’s needs:

Greeting. The first 15 seconds of a call determine how the rest of the call goes. The greeting conveys enthusiasm, assurance of help from the very start, plus clarity of purpose.

Discovery. Agents need to understand the business customers’ specific needs for cable service that will optimize how their businesses run. Agents must not only get enough information, but they must also understand how important it is for customer to accomplish their business goals—to meet their objectives. A needs analysis-based discovery process uncovers these variables. The process leads agents to listen, restate and assure help, draw out hidden concerns, isolate primary concerns, find areas to add value, and bridge to a custom solution.

Solution. Customers who are taking time out of their business day to call in to buy or resolve a service issue want their needs met quickly, efficiently and pleasantly. By following the Quality Conversation discovery process, agents quickly understand what the business customer needs and can devise a custom solution that solves problems and helps the caller be more successful in running the business. Then they must transition to the sale.

Offer. Again, if the agent has skillfully used the robust discovery process and presented a custom solution, the offer is naturally compelling and attractive because it solves a business problem.

Close. Agents can then review the business objectives and needs of the customer and tie those to features and benefits of Time Warner Cable Business Class offerings and value. If the call flow is handled correctly, closing with an assumptive approach will, time after time, win the sale, retain the customer long term and deliver world-class service.

I explain the Quality Conversation call flow here in summary form. It takes a significant level of training, coaching and on-the-job application to master it. So in addition to agents (particularly new hires in Buffalo) mastering the process, their supervisors must master it and coach agents daily.

Dramatic results

My company, Robert C. Davis and Associates, has deep experience not only in the cable industry but in launching new call centers. And we’ve driven results including these:

  • 100% improvement in RGU loss on retention calls (Cox Cable)
  • 50% improvement on saves results on true cancellation calls (Cox Cable)
  • 14% increase in multi-product sales (Comcast)
  • 13% increase in close ratio (Comcast)
  • ROI of more than 90% on their fees for implementing the Quality Conversation approach through consulting, training and coaching

So for Time Warner Business Class to make the most out of its new call center in Buffalo—and for other companies to do the same in their existing and new call centers—RCDA is available to conduct a free consultation. Simply call 678-548-1775 or email me at

Learn more about The Quality Conversation for the cable industry.