Realizing Financial Possibilities with the Quality Conversation

Do your member representatives adequately showcase all the financial possibilities available to members? Our customizable training packages for member representatives guides your reps through a process called the Quality Conversation.

trainingThe Quality Conversation is crucial in helping member branches and contact centers achieve goals like increased auto loan offer rates, new membership and increased sales of brokerage and investment services. First, conversation techniques for your agents are built dispel common myths about credit unions. The most common misconception is that credit unions are difficult to join, and money has limited access. But most credit union representatives know already that joining a credit union is rarely restrictive. Often, if an individual is a member of the local community, they will qualify. Moreover, access to money is hardly limited. In fact, many credit unions share member services with other unions. Members who live on the West Coast can travel to the East Coast and still access money at an ATM that shares networks with their local credit union. With training in the Quality Conversation, representatives can educate and inform callers in way that encourages them to learn more about the credit union.

Second, our Quality Conversation approach goes through a discovery process, where the agent uncovers a crucial detail that can impact the decision made later in the conversation. For example, by asking the right question, the representative discovers that the incoming caller has previously had needs for brokerage and investment in stocks, but was dissatisfied with their previous broker. During the Quality Conversation, the agent can then use this information to inform the caller that their credit union offers a service for brokerage and investments.

Previously, the not-for-profit model of the credit union meant that members could only receive very limited financial services. But with continued growth, particularly during the recession and a great distrust generated by the fraudulent behavior of the largest U.S. banks, many of today’s best credit unions now offer products for investments in stocks and securities. By using this education and conversational approach to service calls, your member representatives can increase the rate of investment services sales.

Of course, not every credit union offers the same services as other competitors. Our training for member branches and contact centers takes a comprehensive look at the credit union and targets services and products poised for growth.

For example, we worked the Police and Fire Federal Credit Union to overhaul their member representative strategy. They needed to make significant progress in member satisfaction due to the volume of incoming members. We deployed a customized version of our Quality Conversation to deepen these new member relationships as well as increase satisfaction from legacy members. As a result, the PFFCU not only increased member satisfaction, they saw gains in primary financial conversions, member retention and acceptance rates on loan offers.

Your credit union can realize its own financial possibilities with our proven methodology. Each and every time a member calls, we add value to your credit union’s service and reputation.

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