How to Increase Subscriptions in the Mobile Device Boom

phoneIn recent years, the wireless industry has faced a lot of big changes. A combination of the global economic downturn and mass digitization forced a highly competitive environment on the industry. Customers now expect a lot more from their wireless providers, and they know that if you can’t fulfill their needs, another company will. One well known competitive advantage in today’s market is having the newest and hottest products such as smartphones.

Smartphones dominate the wireless industry, and consumers demand the newest in smartphone technology. Everyone from business professionals to stay-at-home parents use smartphones, making wide use of software applications that can create smart grocery lists, budget credit and bank accounts, play games, update social media networks and share photos. There are even apps to check your pulse and tune a guitar. Having the best inventory in smartphone products can give you a huge competitive edge, and with the right customer representative techniques, you can also increase subscriber rates.

One popular wireless company, Verizon Communications is definitely feeling the benefits of the smartphone market advantage this year. Looking at the company’s financial profile this year, shares are up more than 15 percent in the first quarter from that of 2012. Operating revenue has increased 4.2 percent this year, topping $28.4 billion so far. Verizon attributes much of their financial improvement in 2013 to an expansion of their wireless services and increased subscription rates as a result.

Broadcom Corp. is another company that is benefiting from the demand of smartphone technology. They are a company that produces chips made for smartphones. Their most recent financial reports show that they have had higher than estimated earnings as well. In the first quarter this year they recorded a net income of $191 million or 33 cents a share. This is up from last year’s figures of $88 million or 15 cents a share. This is due to the products Broadcom’s short-range wireless connection chips are placed in. Some of the products that use Broadcom’s chips include Apple’s iPad and iPhone, and the Samsung’s Galaxy line.

For these wireless companies, having the right product is only half the battle. In addition to great product displays and powerful network capability, the most successful companies have extensive customer service strategies, built from the ground up by companies like mine, Robert C. Davis and Associates. Our powerful technique, The Quality Conversation, is a holistic approach to stellar customer service. We have a training program that guides your customer representatives as they transition from service to sales calls. View our Wireless Industry page to see some of our results with wireless providers like AT&T.

The numbers alone signal the growing popularity of smartphone technology and the demand customers have for these kinds of services and products. Most wireless companies carry smartphone products. However, without the right tools, many wireless and cellular provider companies may find that the revenue growth from this technology isn’t as high as it should be. Simply having the products available isn’t enough to see a return on your investment. It is up to your customer contact agents to really put the products out there in a concise, informative way. With the RCDA method, the Quality Conversation, agents will learn proven techniques to transition from service calls to making sales and increasing subscription rates for these hot products.

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