Press Release: Robert C. Davis and Associates helps Detroit Media Partnership contact center increase saves rate by 33% using web-based 3-D animated gaming simulation

Contact: Bob Davis, RCDA President | 678-548-1775 |

DETROIT — Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) has helped the Detroit Media Partnership contact center increase its saves rate by 33% by launching a training and coaching workshop that includes a new web-based 3-D animated gaming simulation developed by Quality Conversation Simulations, LLC, a subsidiary of RCDA.


RCDA (Press Release) – June 15, 2012 – The workshop, entitled “Saving Subscribers with The Quality Conversation,” trains and coaches contact center agents and supervisors on RCDA’s exclusive Quality Conversation approach—long proven to dramatically improve customer retention, service and sales results in contact centers. The QCS gaming simulation takes the approach a step further with an engaging, animated and multimedia process that builds the user’s mastery of The Quality Conversation.

From individual computers, users log on and engage in The Quality Conversation with a virtual customer on the monitor. In the gaming simulation, the virtual customer has called in to cancel a subscription and talks with the user, who can respond by clicking on one of several choices. Each choice will take the user to a new screen, the virtual customer’s next reaction, and additional response choices that will ultimately lead to the save (preventing the subscription cancellation)—as long as the user follows the principles of The Quality Conversation as the gaming simulation progresses.

“The QCS gaming simulation keeps score based on correct and incorrect responses and how long it takes the user to conduct The Quality Conversation effectively and win the save,” said RCDA president Bob Davis. “It is a fun and engaging way to practice your new skills, compare your performance with other agents, and work toward mastery of The Quality Conversation process to retain subscribers,” he said. “What’s more, it delivers training in a fraction of the time of tradition training and coaching, and it’s very affordable. The cost is just around $45 per agent per month. That’s about the same cost as acquiring just one customer. If each of your agents saves two extra customers per month after using our gaming simulation, you are way ahead of the game.”

The application—customizable and scalable to any customer contact center and industry and its SLA or call quality standards—is social, allowing users to play against themselves as well as other players. As game play progresses, each level presents more challenging real-world, contact center experience for the user. This includes simulated distractions such as sidebar conversations with other agents, background distractions on the customer’s side of the line, or having a supervisor take over a call to save it. Each response or lack of response to a given scenario by the user results in point calculations and coaching tips.

The system also tracks key metrics related to revenue growth and game usage. It issues badges to players based on successes and increasing levels of difficulty, and it displays achievements in the call center on a leader board.

“And since the QCS gaming simulation is web-based, users can log in on the Internet to play from any computer,” said Davis. “And it is so engaging and fun, designed to motivate agents and other end users to play it not only onsite during training and coaching sessions and during slow call volume, but also on their own time at home.”

Founded in 1977 and based in metro Atlanta, RCDA helps customer contact centers across North America add millions of dollars to their bottom-line results through its training, coaching and consulting programs based on its exclusive Quality Conversation approach to handling customer service, sales and retention calls. The approach is based on a robust call flow that leads agents through five steps—Greeting, Discovery, Solution, Offer and an assumptive Close—that address customer wants, interests and needs and establish emotional connections with customers and show genuine interest. More information is available at and

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., RCDA subsidiary Quality Conversation Simulations, LLC, can deliver a unique gaming simulation experience for any industry. Its focus is to provide fun, challenging and rewarding interactive gaming experiences for players with one idea in mind—to build simulations that change behaviors to produce positive results. The company has a team of talented writers, designers, developers and consultants who work with clients to maximize employee performance using a customized, engaging gaming simulation. More information is available at